The primary aim of BC Midwifery Network is to build midwifery research capacity and activity in BC by engaging midwives, midwifery researchers and students in the development of a joint of program of midwifery research. As a community of practice, it aims to achieve this by fostering and supporting a social learning process where participants learn by collaboratively sharing ideas, finding solutions and building innovations.

It aims to provide a particular focus on research topics that are important to midwifery practice and that matter to women and their families, topics that will inform the development of maternity care and health policy, and that will help to shape future developments in midwifery education.


  • Identifying topics for research drawing on the experiences of midwives in practice
  • Prioritizing those topics that are most important to develop as research projects
  • Establishing action teams to lead out on the development of rolling program of research projects
  • Growing expertise within the network around all aspects of research including the design of research, grant writing, fieldwork, publishing and systematic reviews
  • Identifying and making available appropriate resources to support the work of the network
  • Disseminating findings and sharing the experiences of developing the network
  • Collaborating with similar entities.

As a community of practice, the approach will involve partnering experienced researchers with less experienced members to support the development of research ideas and projects. This will be supported by a panel of research experts.