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Steering Group

The Steering Group is comprised of members of the BC Midwifery Leaders Consortium (respresentatives from UBC Midwifery, the College of Midwives of BC, the Midwives Association of BC, each health authority department of midwifery, and Perinatal Services BC). The Steering Committee are responsible for the strategic and operational management of the BC Midwifery Network.


Membership of the BC Midwifery Network is open to all practicing midwives, midwifery leaders, midwifery faculty and midwifery students and researchers active in the fields of midwifery, maternity care, maternal and child health, normal pregnancy and birth.

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Research Panel

The role of research panel is to:

• Provide short presentations on research design at CoP meeting
• Answer queries from community
• Support the development of research ideas
• Support the prioritization of research topics
• Support action teams in the development and implementation of individual projects

List of Research Experts

Action Teams

Action teams will be established to bring together members around specific research priorities to develop research questions, design studies and establish project teams, with the support of members of the research panel.